Large Architecture Calendar 2020

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Product Description

The Large Hundertwasser Architecture Calendar 2020 is the original among the Hundertwasser architecture calendars. This calendar is officially approved by the Hundertwasser Non-Profit Foundation. The glossy-foil embossed cover image, the brilliant print quality and the elegant matt black background are quality features that make this calendar unique. To correspond with Hunderwasser’s environmental friendly philosophy, this calendar is printed carbon-neutral on FSC-paper, which is based on wood from a sustained forestry. To ensure that this distinct and valuable calendar is high quality, it is made exclusively in Germany.

14 sheets, spiral binding International calendar Cover with glossy-foil embossing Carbon-neutral print, FSC-paper 

Product Details

Size 49 x 65 cm / 19,3" x 25,6"
Year 2020
Weight 3.0

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