European Month of Photograpy: Rethinking Nature/ Rethinking Landscape

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Since the invention of the medium, the photographic image has played a defining role in the perception of nature. Today, artists who turn to the depiction of nature and landscape contribute to the understanding of contemporary environmental problems. They illuminate the often problematic relationship between man and nature, highlight grievances, and make the global effects of man-made ecological changes visually tangible. In choosing RETHINKING NATURE/RETHINKING LANDSCAPE as the topic for its joint project, the European Month of Photography Association is looking to harness the power of the medium of photography to sustain and expand the ecological discourse.


This publication is part of the joint project featuring the works of the European Month of Photography Arendt Award nominees 2021:

Vanja Bucan (Nova Gorica/Berlin)

Maria Magdalena Ianchis (Cluj/Vienna)

Inka & Niclas (Stockholm)

Anastasia Mityukova (Geneva)

Danila Tkachenko (Moscow)


EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a network consisting of the following European photography festivals:

European Month of Photography Luxembourg, Luxemburg,
European Month of Photography Berlin, Berlin,
FOTO WIEN, Vienna,
Imago Lisboa, Lisbon,
Festival, Paris,


Edited by: European Month of Photography non-profit organization


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Title EMOP Publikation Rehtinking Nature/Rethinking Landscape
Author Vanja Bucan, Maria-Magdalena Ianchis, Inka & Niclas, Anastasia Mityukova, Danila Tkachenko
Year of publication 2021
Publisher Fotohof
ISBN 9783903334182

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