Sapun Ghar - "Alepposeife" 40% Laurel Oil

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Soap of strangely archaic beauty and supreme quality - plain ocher-green blocks whose shape reveals the handmade method of production, each one marked with an intricate stamp that identifies the maker and the percentage of laurel oil.

Artist Iris Andraschek made a trip from Istanbul to the Syrian-Turkish border in the spring of 2016 to meet the keepers of a 2,000-year-old tradition of soap making who had fled Aleppo and to follow the process of production. The precious soap made of olive oil, laurel oil and soda represents a precious cultural asset, the resumption of its production in precarious security means a little to shake off the torpor from the ravages of war.

Offered are the purely vegetable soaps, free of chemical additives, with a laurel oil content of 40% and 16%. They have a refreshing, refatting and self-regulating effect as a cleanser and conditioner for skin and hair and for shaving.


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