Elfie Semotan "Position and Pose"

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"No small number of the photographs are Faltenwürfe in the most literal sense: a sleep-dented pillow; a square of netting strung between two tripods; a bolt of translucent black fabric hung like a theater curtain in the middle of the woods, its hem not quite reaching the ground. And, of course, the flow and fall of cloth - the celebration of fabric as an artistic medium, complete unto itself - is by no means missing from Elfie Semotan's work for the greates fashion magazines. " - John Wray

This catalogue is published to coincide with the exhibition Elfie Semotan. Position and Pose at KUNST HAUS WIEN

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Title Position and Pose
Year of publication 2021
Publisher Fotohof edition
Number of pages 177
ISBN 978-3-903334-20-5

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