Set of 6 Hundertwasser-Bookmarks

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This set includes all 6 bookmarks with works of Hundertwasser. The reproductions on the front are 5-color offset prints, finished with glossy-foil embossings and UV-varnish.

The matt black backround, the 400 g/sqm carton, the rounded corners and the dyed edges are additional quality characteristics.

Each bookmark is presented on a black cardbord with the imprint "HUNDERTWASSER".

Four specialized companies around Stuttgart (Germany) are involved in this specialized production process.

Bookmark format: 6,0 x 16,3 cm / 2,4" x 6,4"
Format with cardbord: 7,8 x 21,8 cm / 3,1"  x 8,6"
Material: 400 g/sqm carton
Print: offset-print in 5 colors
Finishing: glossy-foil embossings and UV-varnish

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Quantity 6
Motives Aerobic Church, Les Solitudes, Close up to infinity-Tagore's Sun, Good Morning City (Collage), Blue Blues (Detail), Das 30 Tage Fax Bild (Detail)
Format 6,0 x 16,3 cm / 2,4" x 6,4"
Weight 1.0

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