Markus Guschelbauer Territory

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Under the title Territory, the new book by Markus Guschelbauer brings together his most important works from recent years. For Guschelbauer, the landscape is the reference point and backdrop for his photographic interventions and stagings. With conceptual verve, he succeeds again and again in staging temporary "pieces" on the "stage landscape" with the help of everyday materials. Through the precise pictorial act of the photographic process, they form themselves into autonomous pictorial works and eternal witnesses of a magical game. Markus Guschelbauer's work monograph provides an insight into an original work that moves at the interface of photography, sculpture, performance and land art.  


Markus Guschelbauer, *1974 in Friesach, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna. 

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Title Territory
Author Markus Guschelbauer
Year of publication 2020
Publisher Fotohofedition
Number of pages 192
ISBN 978-3-902993-99-1

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